XML API Travel Engine

"XML API Travel Engine"

We have a separate team of expert developers who are seasoned professional when it comes to API consumption and integration. Whether it�s a travel and hospitality API or a payment gateway API or a Social Media APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.), we are thoroughly experienced. You can rest assured that with our experience and scale of operation, today we are in a position to provide you the best in class quality of solutions in a budget that is unbeatable and unheard of in the industry. We specialize in the following Bookings Engine using integration of domestic (India based) and International API partners for Middle East, Australia, North America, Europe and Africa:

We provide following travel services on solution

1. Domestic and International Flights
2. Hotel [dual mode; CMS+APIs]
3. Pan India Bus
4. Pan India Cabs
5. Domestic and International Holiday Package [dual mode; CMS+APIs]
6. Domestic and International Adventure Activities [dual mode; CMS+APIs]
7. Visa, Forex, Travel Insurance Services[dual mode; CMS+APIs]

We also have the thorough understanding of the web compliance required by these APIs.Get in touch with us if you are interested to intgrate 3rd partyAPIs in your travel portal or require a White Label Travel solutions.