Architecture Support Outsourcing

"Architecture Support Outsourcing"

There are many projects that start well but gradually go wrong and never get completed because of an incomplete understanding of the requirements. At times even if the requirement is understood the project team designs the application in a way that it almost leads to a failed implementation or leads to cost escalation due to time overrun. This can happen due to inexperience of the team in software architecture and design.

The Architecture Expertise that i2Space has earned in the past 4 years ofexistence after executing many successful custom applications and a successful product is there to help startups and any other IT company to get their architecture right.

How Can We Help You?

We can help you to:
  1. Understand the requirement.
  2. Get the High-Level-Design (HLD) right.
  3. Get the Database-Design (DB-Design) right.
  4. Basic training to your team in case the implementation is using new technologies.
  5. Help the team in case of any programming challenges.