We have deployed custom build inventory management system for many clients in the manufacturing sector. All our deployments are based on the latest real-time tracking technologies like RFID chip (Radio-frequency identification), bar-coding etc. This helps the factory management to get update of the inventory status on a real-time basis.


  1. Informed purchasing decision based on reorder level
  2. Minimize unnecessary storage (idle inventory) with a better Inventory turnover
  3. Inventory tracking leads to Real-time stock status that leads to accurate planning
  4. Quick decision making
  5. An efficient inventory & warehouse management leads to a huge cost saving.

Apart from the custom inventory solution if you want limited feature and a low budget yet efficient inventory management software, look no further, you can use our Financial Accounting and Inventory management product.


  1. Item Category/Item Type
  2. Item Master
  3. Store
  4. Branch Items
  5. Supplier / Supplier with Items
  6. UOM / Department / Group and Group Type Masters
  7. Vendor Rating Configuration
  8. Purchase Transactions
    1. Purchase Requisition Entry
    2. Prior Purchase Order
    3. Purchase Order
    4. Open Purchase Order
  9. STN and Store Issue Transactions
    1. STN Requisition Entry
    2. STN Inward / Outward
    3. Store Issue
  10. Bill Passing
  11. Reports
  12. Online Billing